Remove Article Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do you remove internet articles online that have been published?

a.Whether the derogatory item is an internet article or blog post we attempt to get it removed in 2 ways. We begin by doing a deep web search using your company name or individual name to see how many articles or posts there actually are. Once we locate the source of the article we then research to find out who is the author and the webmaster. We have our legal team contact the source and the author in an attempt to get it removed. While the legal and research team is working that angle we have our Internet Search engine reputation management team beginning a suppression campaign that will help push down the negative article or post until we can get it removed. If for some reason we cannot get the negative article removed our suppression approach will constantly we working to push down and bury the item so that when someone googles your company or business name it makes it very hard for them to find the derogatory item.

If the webmaster, author and publisher does delete the item (which is the case often) we then verify that the article has been taken down and we immediately begin to clean up the search engines and let them know that the article has been removed and we ask them to update their search records.

Q. what do you look at when evaluating your campaign strategy?

a.When looking at removing an online newspaper article or blog post there are several things we will initially research and evaluate to determine the most appropriate strategy for your removal campaign.

How long has the paper been online, is the news and information outdated?

Is there copy-written material published in the article or blog post?

Is your personal or business information published in the article such as social security number, minor information, address and telephone number, non factual information?

Is there inflammatory or defamatory language or comments in the article?

Who is the author and publisher of the article? Can we contact them via email and postal mail? If so how?

Is the content inaccurate or unfair or down right false?

How many websites is the article being displayed on? Many times one author writes the article and many websites and newspaper will pick up on the article? Are there some that are floating around the internet you may not have seen?


Q.What do you need to get started removing my article from the internet?

a. All we need is your name, payment and the link to your article and we will do the rest. We will perform a deep search to make sure no other derogatory items are found and we will begin your custom article removal campaign.

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