Remove Internet Articles

We Remove old and archived online newspaper articles from the Internet, Google, Yahoo and Bing.   Our full service legal and IT team will identify the negative item(s) and diligently work to remove them from the source while also working on a reputation management strategy to ensure a clean online internet reputation. We have several strategies that we employ that typically remove the item altogether or bury it deep within the web making it near impossible to find. Call Us Now for a fast and confidential free consultation and let us help you get your reputation back on track or click the Remove Article Now link up top to get started. 1-866-848-2022

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Our Approach

The mistakes you make in life don't have to live forever. Our service and approach is simple. We fight hard to get your negative article and content removed from the source fast and painless. We have a three tier attack that we will use to get the entire article removed completely. In some cases where this approach does not work we then use suppression techniques to bury the content deep within the internet so it makes it very hard for anyone to find and when someone googles you they cannot find the derogatory item.

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How we remove Articles

If you're a website owner that is publishing the negative article or content that is requesting to be removed, you are not legally bound to remove anything until a judge orders you to -- a scenario that most website owners are keen to avoid. Most website owners will take materials down just to avoid the hassle of dealing with possible litigation. Read More

Articles vs Content

Most publishers, journalists and bloggers are sensitive to First Amendment issues so we will research your case thoroughly and present a solution that WILL either bury or remove the content in a fast and effective matter. Its much more difficult to remove an article from the Chicago Tribune online site as opposed to a personal blogger style site which results in each case being handled differently.

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How much will it cost?

We hate confusing pricing and options so our pricing is very simple. We charge a flat $499 price for each case we handle. If you have 2 articles written about you on two separate websites we will attempt to remove those articles and also suppress them for the flat price of $499.

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